In an exceptionally beautiful location (Istria, Municipality of Bale) on a land comprising 100 000 m2 owned by Bioaromatica Ltd. and some additional 150 000 m2 in concession, emerged a unique agricultural farm and theme park called Histria Aromatica.

Histria Aromatica is conceived as a unique production and educational agro-tourism centre
following the cycle called “From seed to brand”. Histria Aromatica conforms their activities with the ideas of  modern philosophy of sustainable development, such as optimal management of natural resources, eco-production, preserving tradition, culture and education, with particular emphasis on the study of ethnobotany as a scientific discipline.

Once an abandoned area covered with wild Mediterranean scrub, has been turned into a heavenly garden. By transforming the landscape,beautiful gardens and plantations were created.

Lavender, pyrethrum, peppermint, chamomile, calendula and sage filds, olive groves and vineyards remind us of the typical old Istrian farms.
Respecting the configuration of the soil and its biodiversity with more than two hundred plant species, walking paths with benches were built for relaxation in a wide variety of colours, excotic and aromatic scents. Its unique views of the sea and the old towns of Rovinj, Vodnjan and Bale followed by the beautiful  landscape of Mount Ucka and Cicarija, offer a fabulous experience of the idyllic Istrian environment



Autochtonous aromatic herb plantations: lavender, rosemary, immortelle, sage, calendula, chamomile, mint and pyrethrum. The garden rockery represents a natural habitat for Iris Croatica. Olive grows with traditional native sorts such as busa, rossignola and bjelica. Vineyard with varieties such as Malvasia and Teran. Eco-garden where we grow our own fruit and vegetables


Istrian meadows and their natural plants habitat: many species of the Istrian orchid (Istrian Serapias), butterflies, mushrooms…and forests with their own characteristics and peculiarities such as the white, gray and black hornbeam, medicinal wild plants and berries


A total of 4000 metres of stone walls (drywall), retaining walls and further 4500 metres
of walking trails and paths intertwine harmoniously with the Istrian landscape, therefore, they reinforce its monumentality. The main entrance (Portun) ,with its 200 metre long avenue of pyramidal cypresses, is undoubtedly a unique experience


A gigantic fig tree grows miraculously from the centre of a 7 metre deep cave. The tree  is estimated to be 120 years old and it is surrounded by a stone amphiteatre which represents an outdoor classroom


The Karst Cave, with its depth of 9 metres, is an ideal place for an original wine and olive oil tasting room, due to its geologic features, minerals, findings, a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius throughout the year and finally its polarized light obtained by calcite crystals


Our galenic lab is a unique way to present the cycle „From Seed to the Brand“, from field to final product: soaps, parfumes, aspirin, grappa. The workshops are meant for all types of visitors, from preschoolers, school children and all those who are interested in finding out about the secret life of plants and how to use the benefits of nature